Thursday, May 31, 2007

The One About 被 人 出 卖!!

Yesterday my 2 friends from hometown were chatting with

P told me that R has MSN installed already !! -_-"

P:" Yo ! R has installed MSN liao now ! You can messege her!"

Me:" What ? She installed MSN messenger liao ??"

P:" Yeah ! "

Me:" Wah Liew, after 200 years, finally R installed it !! "

P lolrtof !!

Me added on :" She must be the last one on this world to
have installed the MSN thing yeah ! "

P lagi lolrotf until tears also come out.

Me added somemore:" Since she have installed this MSN
thing, the circle is complete, we should announce that it
is a very important day in Kelantan and declare public
holiday !! "

P evil laughed and copy pasted everything that I typed
and showed to R.

knn ! 被 人 出 卖!!

I lari until pants also fall down in order to save my life
because of this Mr. P action.

And R is famous of killing people softly with her beautiful
eyes !!

Lari !!! Lari cepat cepat !!

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