Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The One About My Hotel View 2/2

Nice eh ? To stay at a hotel that have such a view?

And i was staying at 16th floor of Sunway Hotel, Penang
and it was a non smoking floor, hmm, smells good !!

And the staff and people there were really helpful and
warm, really, you got to try it someday!

I could sit infront of the window whole night just to
see this nice view !!

By the way, the tall building in the photo is KOMTAR,
the tallest building in Penang once upon a time, now
i am not sure if it is still the tallest yeah !
This is for those who are not familiar with Penang and

Penang is a good place for holiday or to retire at, trust
me for that, the people, the food, the street etc !!

Everyone loves Penang !!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How could you love a place with imminent tsunami and earthquake threat !!??

You must be joking !

( unless if the retiree or holiday makers are all looking forward for the thrill of the lifetime .. ha ha )