Thursday, May 24, 2007

The One About Kuching Airport

Was at Kuching airport yesterday rushing back to KL at 8:00 pm flight.
Suppose to stay there for another day, but some last minute meeting with
clients back in KL made me changed all the plan.

Brought the Sony V3 with me but really no time to take photo at all, all
rushing here, training, site visit and customer visit and all. At the end,
before boarding the flight, I saw the evening sky of Kuching which I felt looks
nice. Just like the good old days back in Damansara high rise time.

Set up the Sony V3, and asked myself, " Mana itu tripod ? "

I replied:" Tripod at home sir ! at home at Kayu ara ! "

Me:" Oh mangkuk besi berkarat berlubang bertimbun engakau !"

Used my laptop bag as tripod in the end and got this image.

Before that, my colleague brought me to another huge roundabout, the
one RH area or RF area roundabout which is minutes away from the
Kuching international airport. He told me this Kolok Mee ( Kolo Mee )
is number 4 in his list, and we had to settle for that due to time
constraint.... -_-"

Me:" Number four only ah ? "

Him:" Yeah, top 3 in town, takut jam boss !! "

Me:" Ok lah boss, we eat here, time is gold !! "

And the result ? Number 4 near the roundabout where a lot of direct
sales company located tasted good enough for me to totally forgotten
that Mas actually provides meal in flight -_-"

That is another story taking Mas flight from Kuching back to KL and
I was using Airasia from KL to kuching 2 days ago.

Darn !!! Going to be really busy today but also have a lot of story
about the nice Kuching trip !!

Work first lah yeah my friend, tahan sikit yeah !!

Sneak preview of what is coming:

  • Airbus vs Boing.
  • Makan vs No Makan.
  • Fly by night vs fly by light.
  • Stars, have you looked at them lately?
  • Instant noodles in the plane. Not Snakes in the plane.
  • Toll free route from KLIA and LCCT to KL lol !!
  • Many many petty things more for me who enjoys these.
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