Friday, May 11, 2007

The One About Him, It and Me.

This morning woke up at 6 am after some not so pleasant dream,
packed and went to the park to burn some fat. It has been over a
week since my last fat burning session, got to do that more !!

Went for a few round of fast walking and some skipping. Darn the
performance was like 5% of 10 years ago. -_-"

After everything, I felt ok & that wasn't so bad.

When I reached home I noticed that I have accidentally stepped on
some dog or cat poo, I don't know !!! blardy hell !!

When something smells like poo, looks like poo, feels like poo,
you don't have to taste it and you know it is definitely poo, my friend!

I went home and washed the sport shoe ( left shoe ) and started
the conclusion of the morning...

  • The cats and dogs in PJ are darn kurang ajar !!

  • Or the owners who didn't clear their poo ! Yeah ?

  • Or Him ( The all Mighty ) is sending some signal to me ? Like
    exercise is bad ! Stay in bed ?

  • Skipping is fun ! Especially when you realize that you could
    still perform 1 jump 2 rope rotation !

  • A big thanks to Fat Lady to find the skipping rope for me.
    I could use that to strangle myself sometimes when she tells me
    funny theory and so -_-".

  • Or perhaps I just need to walk in a not so dark place so I
    could see the path cleary ? lolol !!

    Got to prepare for work now and I have decided not to listen to
    HIS signal, i have decided to continue to do that more frequently.

    If YOU want to place more poo in my path, be my guest !!

    I ain't quiting this time !!
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