Monday, May 07, 2007

The One About Alternate Saturday Off Cancelled !!

A few days ago I was having Pizza with Fat Lady and her brother
at her place.

Me:" You know, actually my new company has scrapped the alternate
Saturday off scheme.... "

Fat Lady:" What ? .... "

Me:" Yeah ! They just changed the whole plan immediately without
giving us to change our time table !! "

Fat Lady:" What the f.... ?? "

Me:" Yeah ! International company make decision really quick one!"

Fat Lady:" Oh poor guy.... "

Me:" Yeah ! Now what am I suppose to do on Saturday ? Very difficult
to find programs on Saturday one mar !! "

Fat Lady:" Huh ? What the heck ? Saturday ? "

Me:" Yeah ! Now with they scrapped Alternate Saturday off , I am having
5 days week liao my friend, don't know what to do on Saturday lek!! "

Fat Lady 2 legs in the sky and pizza also flown to ceiling !! lolrotf !!

2 seconds later she gave me the China Fat San No Shadow Leg Kick and
I flown all the way from Ampang till Bukit Larut Taiping !!!

Adui !!

I explained :"I was just telling the truth mah !! "

Fat Lady gave me another San Francisco No Mercy Free Kick and
kicked me all the way till Alaska.

While I was flying over Bangkok, " Oh ! I can see my house from here!!!"

lolrotf !!

Thanks boss ! For arranging 5 days work for us !!
We appreciate that
very very much !!

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