Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The One About Hello Kuching.

Right now I am writting this from one of the Kuching finest hotel
called Harbor View Hotel, which is facing a river but I don't see
any Harbor yet lol !!

Why am I saying that this is a fine hotel ? In fact I feel that the
whole journey from LCCT onwards was fine.

After about 1 hour 30 minutes or so from LCCT, the Airasia
air bus touched down at Kuching International Airport this
afternoon. A group of musical performer from east Europe
clapped their hands after the Air Bus touched down and I
was like, " Wow ! Darn polite and thankful chaps !! "

I smiled to them and I knew that this trip is going to be a
smooth, lovely and fine one. Although I am here for official
business, but I am starting to have the feel good feeling since
they clapped.

The airport taxi from airport was a friendly young lady and
the cost was Rm 17.50 only. omg !!! From Taman Tun KL to
LCCT was RM 65.00 my friend !!! -_-"

And, checked into the hotel at about 3pm and connected to
their free WiFi immediately, lovely !! And started to work
and enjoying life.

From 7th floor of the hotel, I could see the river flows to
the south china sea where I came from this afternoon.

Not bad at all I would say.

Had my dinner with my Kuching staff and the cost for
2 was RM 16.00 only -_-"

No wonder I see a lot of Big Huge Nice Mercedes here!

And oh oh !! part of kuching at 9 pm is as quiet as KL
in 3 am in the morning lol !!

Starting to like this place already, feeling peace already!

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