Thursday, May 31, 2007

The One About Fun Stuff About Smart Tunnel KL.

A few fun facts that I have noticed about the SMART tunnel KL
which opened about 2 weeks ago.

  • From Astro building to KL town near Indonesian embassy
    takes about 10 to 12 minutes using SMART tunnel.

  • Speed limit in the SMART tunnel should be 60kmph.

  • The road surface inside SMART tunnel is made of cement,
    hence it's bumpy and if you drive fast your heart would jump out
    from your mouth and you will be very scared.

  • You really should turn on your vehicle lights to improve visibility.

  • You should keep a good distance with the vehicle infront and
    behind you because the tunnel has very little place to maneuver
    should there be any collision.

  • Motorbike, Lorry, Trucks, Bus, Bicycle, Roller Skates, Jogging
    and dancing are prohibited in the tunnels.

  • The Light And Easy ( 105.7 fm ) would immediate change to
    some local Malaysia channel when you go inside the tunnel.

  • Have not tested out the mobile signal yet, will update once
    I have the chance to do that, but I heard the mobile signal was

  • Enjoy the free ride for 1 or 2 more weeks before the toll
    collector starts slaughter you nicely.

  • The Smart Tag sensor are really slow in responding to
    your smart tag, drive slow or halt your vehicle, don't be
    hero, else you would have embarrassed yourself by
    having to reverse your car and have to let the sensor to
    detect you again lolrotf !

  • I tried the tunnel 5 times and still I don't like it, yet.

  • The radio announced that as Life Saver, i don't know
    why. Wait till they start charging toll my friend !!
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