Sunday, December 20, 2009

The One About Important Activity

A few weeks ago we were having a gathering with Fat Lady's friends who
grew up with her in Ampang. And I also joined them to Key Poh and look
see look see around.

There were about 8 of us and we were having lunch at house of Ah Sim.

Ah Sim is a good friend of mine who happens to be Fat Lady friend too.

20 minutes after we started the lunch, the 2 ladies started looking at
their watch and started making calls and SMS.

Looked like very busy with work or some important issue.

After I asked them what happened, they said, " Strawberry whitening!"

Me, " What strawberry are you talking about ? "

Them, " We do farming now lah, very busy ! "

Me, " Eh I thought both of you are in Information Technology one ?
started farming since when ? Which farm do you normally go ? Do you
do organic farming or not ? I have this question about..... "

Them, " Stop ! We are doing farming on-line ! We plant strawberries
and our strawberries are riping already ! Now do you have a PC that
we could connect to the internet ? Else please go play far far away..... "

Me, " WFT ? farming virtually ? "

Them, " Yes ! And now please connect this PC to the internet .... "

5 minutes later... Them, " Oh ha ha !! can harvest already, let me go
and steal some stuff from my neighbour first ... keh keh keh.. "

Me, " Darn ! These people are very strange.... "

Fat Lady, " Ya, imagine that you could grow strawberries and harvest
the fruits in 4 hours time, with no sweat , no soil need and also no need
to water your plant. That is cool ya !! "

Me, " I need to learn about this virtual farming thing already !!! "

Fat Lady, " You don't get addicted to it so much, that my 2 friends
set alarm notificaion in the handphone and google calander ... so that
they could harvest their fruits on time and prevent whitening......"

Me -_-"

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Jasonmumbles said...

God bless Fat Lady.