Monday, December 28, 2009

The One About Youngster(s) Today

My parents, just came back after having Starbucks at Genting....

Them, " Nowadays, a lot of kids surfing net at coffee shops ya !"

Me, " Yap, there are free internet access there. "

Them, " Both of us old people sit there and so many youngster, we
looked a bit odd lah "

Me, " Don't feel odd, next time, bring 2 lap tops, each of you open your
MSN and start chatting, and look at the screen and start grinning every
2 second(s), you will mix in alright... no worries ... or you can do farming,
harvesting and even stealing your neighbours fruits and vegetables... "

Them, " What fruits ? What vegetables ??? "

Me, " Never mind... i will teach you one day.... "

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