Sunday, July 05, 2009

The One About MJ

Last week during breakfast with my Chung Hwa 95 gang at some dim
sum shop...

Ah Jin: " Eh later want to go One U ? Got Tribute for MJ "

Fat Lady, " Metro Jaya ah ? One U ? Got sales ah ? Mega sales start
already meh ? I want to go !! I want to go !!! "

Ah Jin:" You know, itu Micheal Jackson, not Metro Jaya.... no I am not
talking about Mega sales or Kilo sales... I am talking about my beloved
Michael Jackson who died recently ok ? sob.. sob.. sob... "

Fat Lady, " Whopppsss... sorry sorry, sorry sorry..... "

btw, did you notice that for the past 1 week, MJ's song is like all over
the radio space, and all the Plasma TV, LCD TV at major shopping mall
now is showing him doing Moonwalking ??

Fat Lady, " geeee.... this guy sure could dance... ya ? "

Me, " ya, not Metro Jaya ya ? "

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