Thursday, December 13, 2007

The One About Ohh ! It's Moonsoon season

First of all, my hometown in Kota Bharu is under about 1 foot
of water. And my parents seems to be enjoying the water and
still watching Astro over the flood -_-"

Now, that is what we call get a long with nature yeah ??

And in Kayu Ara, 20 minutes ago the RM8.00 clock which
has thermometer displayed temperature at 26.9 degree
celcious !! That cold meh ?? How come I don't feel any
coldness at all one ?

Oppss, I forgot I am a bear... yeah yeah...

What does bear do when tempereture drop ??

They go hibernating !! That is what precisely I am going
to do in another 20 mins time.

But to sleep at 12 am and to wake up to work at 8 am is
not entirely accurate / conforms with hibernation.

Neah ! Who cares !!

Boy I love cold weather !!

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