Monday, December 31, 2007

The One About Chinese New Year Songs

We normally start hearing Chinese New Year songs ( played in streets )
a few weeks before Chinese New Year and this year a few weeks ago,
even before Christmas approaches, like end November I already heard
Chinese New Year songs being played at SS17 PJ -_-"

I told my sister, " Har ? " and she laughed like hell.

And this morning in the office I played the Chinese New Year songs
which started with, " tong tong tong tong chiaaaaaannnngg !!!
tong lo tong tong chiannnggggggggg !!! "

and my staffs were all, " wtf ?? wtf ?? hoi ! and *&^^%!%&^#$$^ "

but 5 seconds later they all came, " Kai Hong could you please send
that song to me pluuzzseeeeeesss ?? "

Me, " Hmm ? What song ? "

staffs, " Neh ! Just now you played one lor, Chineses New Year song
loh . "

Me," Har ? I thought you all very dulan this song ? And scolded me
for playing that ? "

staffs," No lah, where got scold you ? Give me can or not ? pluuzzee? "

And I played the song again in office with volume set to max !!!

They all covered their ears and ran away !!

Here wishing all a Happy New Year for 2008 and Gong Xi Fa Chai.

T minus 39 days ??

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