Thursday, December 06, 2007

The One About Kuala Krai Gala Dinner 2007

Attended the Kuala Krai Gala Dinner 2007 on 30 Nov 2007
and had some fun there.

Some 280 person from all over Malaysia
and the rest of the world attended the Gala dinner held at
Impiana KLCC Hotel.

Didn't bring my FZ30, Sony S85 and V3 as they are having
their year end vacation. Aiseh !

Was having a lot of fun there, especially seeing the fellow Kuala
Kraians meeting the old friends that they have not meet for like
20 or 30 years.

It's great to be in such an atmosphere when you see everyone
seems to have whole stomach of story to tell the long lost friend.

People were busy telling the stories of the past 30 years and
hmm, where to start leh ??


Cost of dinner = RM 100.00
Cost of parking = RM 5.00

Able to see the long lost friends after 30 years = Priceless !!


Me ? Since I am the top 20 youngest attendees ( below 30 )
muahahahhaha.... I didn't have much of long lost friends.
In fact i got to know some new friends, friends of friend,
and of course saw some friends of mine like Ming, Hui,
Siew, Yong etc... all looking more matured compared to
when I first know them : )

A lot of friends of my parents, uncles and aunties were there
though, and I have to be identified as,
" Siapa siapa mia anak , or siapa siapa mia anak saudara ,
or siapa siapa mia cucu "

-_-" ok fine...

There was this slogan where we shouted " Kreh Sokmor !! " and
we clapped at the same time.

Some same table youngster who didn't understand Kelantan slang
asked me, " What does it mean ? What is Kreh Sokmor "

I told her, " It means, y + 2x = 4z, if z = 3, what is y ? "

She -_-" and I :" No lah, means Longlive Kuala Krai ! And we love you!"

She ohhhh i see... Silly mia KL people lolrotf !

Kudos to the organizer, and they have spent a lot of time and
effort to pull all these people around, but didn't have chance to
really sit down and talk with them, perhaps next round i should
sit down and see what can I help .

But I did actually have met some long lost friends too actually,
see the photos below ?

I grew up with them in Kuala Krai ! RM 0.10 each I remember...

darn !! The 2.0 Mega pixel camera phone quality is so so only leh!

And how come these ice sticks looked darn like anti ship mines leh?

Kenapa boleh jadi begini ??

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