Thursday, December 06, 2007

The One About Sorethroat

Life is good these few days, have been working hard
and had some good meeting with client.

And after the meeting, naturally we reward ourself with
some nice Banana Leaf rice. Soon after we started eating
my colleague face become red and all sweaty ...

Me ? Slumber saja !!

My colleague:" Eh Mr Wong you are not afraid of spicy food?
I eat already, so hot ! so spicy ! want to die like that!"

Me:" elleh ! In Kelantan, spicy food are for babies !" and
munch some fried dried chilly infront of him...


My colleague 2 legs in the sky....

And the second day, also Indian curry rice.

Third day, also somehow Indian curry rice. And last night
somemore went to Bandar Manajalara Kepong for the Asam /
Tom Yam steamboat with my sister.

I thought, Tom Yam should be cooling for body kua, and so
much of vegetables in the steamboat, suppose to be good for
health also kua ?

Dead Wrong !!!!

Yesterday night finally the sore throat feeling came.
Must be the fried chickens, chips and papadum =_=" i guess.
Some Tom Yam Curry Ikan too.....

Now, for being very lansi lanyong, now the result is having
to suffer for sore throat loh !!

This evening after work I went home and my sister was wating
for me for dinner.

She:" Ko ! Tonight I prepare dinner liao ! "

Me:" Great ! What's the menu ? "

She:" Nasi lemak + Ikan Bilis Sambal + Fried Chicken ! "

I terus 2 legs in the sky !!!

She:" What happened ? "

Me:" Me sorethroat getting bad lah ! "

She lolrtof !!

But anyway, eat first, die later yeah ??

If I don't wake up tomorrow morning, I love you all and
don't be sad har !! lolrotf !!

Good night everyone, have a nice evening !!!

* jogging away.

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