Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The One About Hot Curry Rice.

Today as usual I was having my lunch at the Indian food store and
by the time I came back to office my whole head was full of sweat
cause the food was darn hot & spicy ( good one ! )

My supervisor: " Wah ! So hot meh ? "

Me:" I had Indian Curry rice mar ! "

Supervisor:" I see ! But until that extend meh ? "

Me:" I kupik ( stingy ) lor , don't want to order drinks , only had
curry rice, cause thinking to come back and drink in the office.
Like that can save some money and become rich faster mar !"

The supervisor laughed until he fall of his chair and hurt his
back and neck lolrtof !

What ? Is it wrong to become Stingy meh?? Cannot meh ?


Jasonmumbles said...

Cannot eat spicy food say lah! :P

Philips at work. said...

Elleh ! Want to challenge me for hot and spicy food or not ?

Later you would be running and crying around complaining that your ass would have hot & spicy sensation pula -_-"

* lari