Saturday, August 25, 2007

The One About 1 month later.

Well, it has been 1 month since I last update this blog.

Has been really busy and gray recently.

I think I still need a few more weeks to get things organized and let things
be on the tracks again.

For those who read this blog, my thanks and apologies to you.

Darn !! still very the gray.

Why so graygelinggem one ?

Picture taken in Kota Bharu, about 1 month ago.

Went back for the funeral of my uncle who passed away.
Dear 5th uncle, this one is for you, may you be fine up there in
the paradise, where you don't have to suffer anymore.

Take good care of yourself :(


hao said...

I just remembered that there's a blogger that has "The one about..." in every topic title but I kinda recall that it's been some times that his blog appear in my RSS reader. And just when I open my RSS reader, there you are with two new posts. My six sense? Hmmm...

Btw, sorry to hear that your uncle had just passed away.

Philips at work. said...

Thanks : )