Friday, November 14, 2008

The One About Cicak Besar !!

At the hotel that we stayed in Langkawi, it was within the forest
and we were surrounded by a thick layer of rain forest trees.

When we went out for dinner first night....

Fat Lady, " Wow ! Tengok ! Cicak yang teramat besar !"

Me without looking, " Eh ! That one is called decoration lah !"

Fat Lady, " But ! Its moving woh ! "

Me , " Huh ?? Walauwei ! Cicak Gergasi !! "

* ran away fast fast, i mean both the cicak and us ran away fast fast.

There were actually 2 of these lizards which stayed at the wood
beam to eat the insects around the lights.

Decoration ? Decoration my food lah !! Fat Lady said....

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