Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One About Love, Caring and Kasih Sayang !!

* Warning !! Do Not Apply This Imagination Pieces to real Life !! *

A few days ago a friend of mine was complaining to me that one of
her family members is very nasty, acting cocky and obviously doesn't
respect the seniors etc.

And they mumbled for the whole night and asked me what solutions
that I have. Being the wisdom one in the group the ladies came and
consult me.

Them, " What should we do ? We ran out of ideas already !! "

Me, " God told us to have Love ! Be Caring !! Ada Kasih Sayang !!!!"

Them, " But how ? Can you be more specific please? "

Me, " That is so simple, but never mind, learn step by step yeah !! "

Them with tears in their eyes,
" ok ok ! Please enlighten us ! Pls teach us !! We Appreciate that!"

Me, " When you see the person , you slap her twice on the face so hard
that her unborn children will come out well educated !! "

" Then you tie her to using duck tape to the chair and put my socks
into her mouth !!! And then use the 1,000,000 lumen spot light and
beam on her face and ask,
" Do you feel lucky ? Punk ?" hmmm ?? Hmmm ?? "

The girls protested,
" Where got use Love, Caring and Kasih Sayang like that ?"

Me, " Oh ! My left palm is called Love, and right palm is called Caring,
and my socks brand is Kasih Sayang brand, boleh ah ? all used what? "

They 2 legs in the sky but at the same time they answer, " Yeah loh hor!"

Me claps hand and walk slowly into sun set.....

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Jasonmumbles said...

This fella getting very hao lian since he got promoted.