Friday, February 29, 2008

The One About Chemur and Sungai Siput

Chemur is a small town in between Ipoh city and Sungai Siput and
it comprises some shops and some really pre war old shops. You
wouldn't miss is whenever you pass thru Chemur town.

Was in Chemur town attending dinner with relatives and Fat lady
was having some headache.

It was around 9 pm and I went out to Chemur main road to search
for 7-11 shops... -_-" didn't see any.

Suddenly I felt that my right shoulder became heavier and warmer.

And Shit !!!! Really shit !!!

The swallows from the power cable had just pooed on my shoulder !!!

But I thanked god cause it wasn't an ostrich up there pooing at me!

Aiseh !!! So accurate meh ? Anyway, had to continue to seach for
the medicine...

Searched for medicine shop.... -_-" didn't see any and probably
they went for resting already.

Went to a shop selling liqueur ( next to Shell petrol station of Chemur )
and asked if they sell any paracetamol..

Me:" Hi, do you sell any paracetamol ? "

Boss:" Sorry , we sell only liqueur .. "

Me:" Oh i see, it's ok then.... " and suddenly

Boss:" Wait wait !! " and ran to his drawer and teared out 2 pils of
paracetamol for me.

Boss:" This one personal use one, we are not selling tough... "

Me: " Har ? How much do I owe you ? "

Boss:" Aiyah ! No need to kira lah Aiyah !! "

Me:" One more thing, could I have a little bit of tissue paper please?
I kena the swallows poo just now -_-" "

Boss trying not to laugh ( face became reddish ) and passed me some
tissue paper and helped me to wipe away most of the poos on the
shoulder cause I can't reach the spot easily.

Me promptly thanked him very much and walked away feeling darn
warm again !!

Darn ! This boss is good !!

Squad ! Hats down for the Chemur people eh !!

And for the swallows of Chemur, you all wait and see !! Just wait
and see !

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