Monday, February 04, 2008

The One About Patin !!!!

Was in Kuala Lipis yesterday and stopped for lunch.

Had this nice Patin fish ( 1/2 fish ) and it was darn good.

Of course there were better one that we have eat before
but for RM 36 for 1/2 fish, the price vs taste was ok.

Not bad !


weihang said...

emm... yummy yummy...
must be very nice fish!!

Kumprinx said...

was that the corner lot shop near KFC?

Philips at work. said...

Wei Hang : the taste of the fish was ok, not bad at all : )

Kumprinx : Hmm... this shop is just after the junction ( 2nd junction ) if you were coming from Gua Musang towards KL, near some Gerai Makan area.

I am not hard core patin killer though.