Friday, December 12, 2008

The One About Why I am not rich III

Today after lunch my fellow sales team people were complaining at me
and they said that I am very annoying.

Me, " why ? "

Them, " Because you always show off that you are rich lah knnbbq "

Me, " where got ? Me ? rich ? Yeah right ! I really wished so! "

Them, " Sometimes when you see your car kena rain water and you
are unhappy, you said you will buy a new car instead of wipe off the
rain. "

Me -_-"

Them, " That day, you didn't remember where you parked your car
and you said.. oh never mind, i can't find my car, let me buy a new one !"

Me -_-""

Them, " And also, that day, you can't find your car keys, you also claimed
that no need to search for the keys, too tiring, you will just buy a new car,
more easier ..... "

Me -_-"""

Them, " Also, that day, you drive drive drive on the road and the petrol
level became quite low, you said you will just abandon the car at road side
and buy a new car, which has petrol !!!!"

Me, " Eh where got ?? "

Them, "Got !! Got a lot of witness !! "

Me, " Joking only mar !!! Joking only !! " and started running away....

Them, " Hoi ! Don't run !! We are so going to slap you !! come back ! "

Me lolol !!!

p/s : I am really really not rich one ok ? See in my garage, all of my 32
Ferraris and Aston Martin already all no petrol, I also never buy new
Aston Martin to drive. But maybe I might need a Porsche Cayenne to
go to lobby and pick up my cloths.

Cause I always buy new cloths when my shirts and pants were not
yet done from ironing from laundry. Sometimes when I eat cookies
the cookies pieces fall on the shirt, i also go buy some new shirt.

Not too good hor...

My team, " HOI !! Mahu mati ah ?"

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