Monday, December 01, 2008

The One about Wah Pong !!

A few days ago i saw some strange news in the newspaper and
i " Wah Pong ! Like that also can ? "

Fat lady, " What is Wah Pong ? "

Me, " Wah Pong is the brother of Wah Piang,

Wah Piang is the sister of Wah Peng,

Wah Peng is the cousin of Wah Liew,

Wah Liew is the family doctor of Wah Lau,

Wah Lau is the neigbour of Wah Lan,

Wah Lan is the Local Area Network (LAN) Wah Fi,

Wah Fi is the sister of Wah Fah ...... "

Fat Lady, " Wah Miang ...... "


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