Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The One about Take Back Take Back !!

There is a term called " Mong Poh "

Mong = some one who is blurred, no direction, always confused.

Poh = female aged between 18 and 80.

Kang = I don't know but Mong + Kang = Mong Kang sounds good.


So, Fat Lady has 2 elder sisters and let me tell you that these 2 sisters
are the most creative in terms of creating laughter in the family.

One day, one of the sister went to a friend's Wedding dinner , upon
arriving she proceeded to sign the guest book and pass the Ang Pao
to the receptionist counter / table.

Sister," Errrmmm ? How come so many unknown faces and I don't
see anyone that I know one ? "

Sister then called the Bride, " Harlo ? Ah Lian ? Where are you ?
I don't see you one ? har ? what do you mean you are at the
receptionist counter there ? I am here already what ?
I don't see you one ??? "

Bride, " We are at main entrance here, I don't see you one ? "

Sister, " Wah Liau ! Got 2 entrances ah ? "

Bride, " Yeah yeah ! I think got 2 wedding dinner tonight at
this place ! "

Sister 2 legs in the sky and, " Ok Ok !! Wait wait i come i come!! "

Sister went back to the registration counter / table , " Harlo ! Eh !
I am very sorry yeah, i think i came to the wrong wedding
reception and can I have my ang pao back or not ? "

Receptionist tried not to laugh and said, " Oh ! I see, ok ok !
Please wait and let me find your ang pao, what is your name
again ?"

Sister, " Oh ! Mong Poh Mong Poh ..... "

Receptionist face became extremely red cause it is very
difficult / bad for health to control / suppress laugh,
" There you go "

Sister, " Soli ah Soli ah !! Wrong place wrong place lolol !! "


31 years old and I am still seeing strange news everyday.

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