Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The One About Maxican Standoff

Mexican standoff always refer to a few parties that has
weapon (guns) pointing at each other and no one dares to
move nor wanting to surrender.

Like guy A pointing a gun to guy B head.

Guy B has his gun pointing at guy C.

And, yes, guy C has his gun pointing at guy A.


Yes, Mexican standoff does not require any Mexican involved.

A few days ago, Fat Lady told me that she wished to go out
and have dinner with her friends and to have some good time.

Me, I said no problem.

And I added, " But if you didn't come back by 9 pm, I will
start killing 1 hostage every 20 mins start eating
1 piece of chocolate every 10 mins until you come back.
What do you think, punk ?? Want to make my day ??
I sweared I sounded like Dirty Harry for the last few words.

Fat Lady blood pressure went thru the roof and gave me a
deadly stare, " Where on earth did you learn that ? huh ? huh ??
And I
double dare you !!! You don't even go close to that
jar if you want to see tomorrow sunrise,
and TRY ME to see if I am bluffing !!!!

Now, wait a second, that wasn't any Mexican Standoff.

That was something that I learnt from US Movie...

Apanama 101 ways to Ask for Ransom....

... but failed.

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Jasonmumbles said...

怕老婆 Symptom #1. Checked!