Sunday, September 14, 2008

The One About Whale and Sonar !!

A few weeks ago Fat Lady and me went to this famous Spa Center at
Jaya 33 and signed up some SPA package for her.

At the same time I managed to get the complimentary usage of the
swimming pool and finally had a chance to swim there just now.

The swimming pool is like 30 meters long and it is perfect for a 4 km
or 6 km course. I did a 480 meter only today.

Yeah I know I know... long time never swim already, lost stamina.

But the best thing is that this 30 meter pool has under water speaker
mia you know ?

As one swim ( people or whale or shrimps ) he / she / it could enjoy
the music. Darn !! The world has changed so much !!!

Initially I wasn't sure about the underwater speaker but when I was
near the both 2 side ( end / start of 30 meter ) there was this sound
like sonar sound of submarine in the movies.

I was like -_-" what noise was that ?

I submerged my head and OMG !! Music under water !!!

Darn I am loving this swimming pool very much.

This post might look messy and unorganized as I drink quite a lot
of water this evening and still high at the moment !

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