Sunday, September 14, 2008

The One About Improvising

Everyday in life we face problems and challenges.

When people face problems and challenges, there are 2 typical
responses most of the time :

a. To whine, to complain, kao peh kao bu, and problem not solved!
b. Improvise and solve the problem, and be a real man !

My friend Gary has a Kancil and he is been driving it for quite
some time. Once his nice girlfriend complaint that the car visor
has no mirror and she can't put her make up and lip stick and

Gary made this for less then RM 0.50 the second day and the girl
friend became speechless.

The girlfriend doesn't complain no more.
Gary become happier man.

That, is a good story of the importance of improvising and I think
every good sales person should be able to do that.

Gary could have complaint or cried like hell or protest or ask
for government help and subsidies..... but he didn't !!!

He improvised and solved the problem , like a real man !!!

Gary !! This one is for you !!

I tabik you very much !!

1 comment:

Gary said...

Thanks !!
Kai Hong!!

All the best!!

i will keep improve myself!!!