Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The One About Old Lift.

A lot of ghost or paranormal story/ incident happen inside some old
lift or old building. Especially when there is no one around and when
the night is quiet, no wind....

Today I went to Digital Mall's car park with Amanda and we wanted
to use the lift, Amanda pressed the button and the lift came shortly.

Amanda walked in to the lift which already have 5 person and then I
walked in.

The alarm went off, and the button " Overweight " came on !!!!

Amanda -_-" and the rest of the people behind us also -_-"

I took out my car keys from my pocket and showed everyone the
keys and said, " These keys very heavy, hence overweight !"

Me, " Never mind, I walk with my keys, Amanda ! Come !! "

Then I walked out from the lift proudly with Amanda following me
closely from behind.

Amanda, " Wah Lau eh ! You blame your car keys ah ? "

Me, " Of course lah, I also want to blame the pack of tissue in my
pocket one, but I am in such a hurry you see ? "

Amanda terus 2 legs in the sky !!!

So next time, when the lift become overweight and if you are the
last one to walk in, tell them the truth !! Tell them which are the
items that cause the alarm to go off, such as

  • Car keys.
  • Credit card.
  • Pack of tissue.
  • Parking ticket ( a lot of time )
  • Your sun glasses.
  • Your watch, maybe.
  • Your handphone, maybe ??

    Tell them the truth, it's not your fault, don't worry !!!

    * run away !!!
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