Sunday, April 13, 2008

The One About Police Road Block !

A few weeks ago as usual after work I went to pub and had
fun there and got drunk. I was so drunk but yet I still decided
to drive home cause the pub was not far away from my house.

The good thing to stay in PJ area is that your house is never
far away from pubs and happening places, right ??

So on the way back to home that day, despite the high feeling I
could still able to drive, remember the road home and stop at
red lights and go at green, cool eh ? Who says that I am drunk?

But not far away from the pub there was this police road block.

Me, " Yeah right !! Saturday, happening day, sure got road block!"

2 mins later and the police knocked at my windows and I winded
down the window. I am very sure that I am not going to pass the
alcohol test and hence, let's get them to issue the ticket and quickily
go home and sleep lah ! Damn tired.

The police officer put the instrument over the window and I was
lazy to go out from my car, I just blow hard at the instrument
and wait for the reading.

Me, " fuuuuuuuuuuu....... " blowed as hard as I could.

20 second later, the police asked me, " Encik , kenapa encik tiub
saya mia lampu suluh ? Tengok ? Sudah basah dengan air liur
encik !! "

Me -_-" and nevertheless I got the ticket for being too drunk to
differentiate between a torch light and alcohol tester.


My neighbor uncle told me this story, when he told me the story
his face looked very serious and i trust that this is based on the
true story.

Don't Drink And Drive and Watch That Torch Light !!!!

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