Thursday, April 03, 2008

The One About Healthy Breakfast !!

When I was in From 2 back to 1992, there was this subject called
"Kemahiran Hidup" which basically general knowledge about life as
we grow up and some skills subject.

In one of the chapter it said that " Nasi lemak is a type of balanced
food ( or healthy ) as Nasi Lemak cointains
  • Rice ( Carbohydrate )
  • Chicken ( A lot of protein )
  • Cucumber ( Vegetable, fiber, vitamins etc )
  • Anchovies ( Seafood, iodine, protein -_-" )
  • Egg ( Protein and enzyme )

    We all trusted what we learnt in school very much and till today we
    always practice "Eat Healthy Food "

    Let's start babeh !! RM 3.50 for a nice pack of balanced healthy food.

    Fat Lady, " But nasi lemak a lot of oil !! "

    Me, " Oil is good as it protects our stomach from bacteria and virus !"

    Fat Lady -_-" and mouth open big big....

    Me added on, " Oil is essential as it contains Vitamin B1, B2 and B3.. "

    And, " Oil is good cause it moisturize your skin, preventing water loss!
    see my skin ? QQ one , doing doing sound one !! "

    Fat Lady =_=" and ....

    Fat Lady would probably kill me when she sees this, but, heck for the
    happiness of mankind, die die also must publish this one.
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