Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The One About 5P and 5K

I have a lot of friends from Singapore and some of them are very
lovely one, like one day one of my friend somehow made me
"beh song" hence I insulted him.

I said, " You know you all Singaporean has 5 K ? "

J, " Wtf 5 K ? "

Me, " You Kiasu, Kiasi , Kia Bor, Kia Boh, Kia Zheng Hu!"

怕输 怕死 怕没有 怕老婆 怕政府!

J -_-"

And then J replied," You blardy Malaysian ! You also have 5 4 P!"

Me wtf this round.

J, " You all always Pangsai Pangjio Pangpui Pang Pui Ki !! "
什 么 大 便 小 便 乱 放 屁 还 放 飞 机!


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哈哈哈 。。。。真有意思 ;p