Thursday, April 10, 2008

The One About Teaching A Lesson

The stray dogs in my area has becoming worst lately as the dogs
reproduce in a very huge amount and at high speed.

Hence, now there are a several gangs of stay dogs namely:
  • Midnight attack gang.
  • Daily surprise gang.
  • Bike chasing gang.
  • Making noise gang.
  • Road blocker gang.
  • Rubbih cari makan gang.

    Ok !!! That is a lot of gang x 5 or 6 that is about 40 stray dogs at
    my place. No wonder I see people go jogging carrying stick and
    baton just like a High Ranking General or Police Officer.

    -_-" eh !!

    Anyway, we shall talk or introduce about the individual gangs above
    when i have the mood and time to do so yeah !!

    But this morning the Road Blocker Gang ( aka Kurang Ajar Gang )
    was at work !! They were having fun blocking the road and causing
    the cars to slow down and they RESPECT NO LAWS !!!

    Me old myself, " Enough is enough !! Teach the guy a lesson !!"

    Pressed the F-117 silent mode and the engine became noiseless and
    car become super quiet !!

    The leader dog still stand at the middle of the road, arse facing me!!

    Me " Urgggghhh !!!! " and let the F-117 glide with 20kmph and
    give a soft push at the dog leader !!

    For us who do precise driving all the time, this is small case cause
    we always know how to do this kind of trick !!

    Once the F-117 touched the dog, the dog had a shock of it's life and
    ran to the road side and looked back at me.

    Me, " Hei ! Your grandfather road ah ? "

    Dog, " Hei ! You scared me to death you know ? "

    Me, " Oh ! Really ? I did that on purpose one ! Didn't feel so ?"

    Dog, " You watch out ! "

    Me, " You watch out your arse too ! "

    Dog, " Hmmmpppffff !!"

    Me, " lolrotf !! "

    Shifted to 1st gear and accelerate full throttle.

    The dog coughed in dust and engine smoke and cried.

    Me 1 and Dog 0 !!!

    Me won big time !!!

    * run fast fast !!
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    Jasonmumbles said...

    Pick someone on your own size. :D