Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The One About Trees and Lamp posts !!

After lunch today the girls at the back of the car felt
the urgency to go to washroom. " pee pee " they said they

Me, " Ok ! Let me drive a bit faster, but if traffic jam
how eh ? "

Amy, " Hmm... find a tree ! find a tree !!! "

Me, " Why must you find a tree ? If you are about to
explode already but there are no trees to be found, then
how ? Especially at the highway area? "

Amy -_-"

Me, " Why can't you just pee at the lamp post there ?"
( Me pointed at Phileo Damansara lamp post )

Amy -__-"

Moments later, Amy, " You idioteh ! Cause if I pee pee
at the lamp post, it would get rusted !! While if I pee at the
tree it becomes organic fertilizer ! Faham ?"

Me -_-" betul juga !!

This one is dedicated for those who feels like going to explode
but stuck in bad traffic jam mia people.

Muah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

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