Monday, April 28, 2008

The One Which is Dedicated For Kelly.

Kelly was a good friend of mine back to 1995, we were having a lot
of fun back then, like watching Hot Shots ! together, teaching her
how to do juggling with lime etc. Somehow she later moved to JB
and started working there ever since. Sigh !! Yeah ?

A few days ago she SMS me and I returned her call and asked her
how was everything.

She, " Waliew ! Nowadays going to work in Singapore very jam !!"

Me, " Really ? Cause the guy who ran away right ?"

She, " Yeah lah !! Need 2 hours plus to cross the causeway, like
that is very tiring everyday leh !! "

Me, " Poor you !! Don't worry, you are not alone ok !!?? "

She sobbed sobbed and asked, " Really ? "

Me, " Now I also very difficult to go to work, my house is 4km
away from my office, everyday also need 10 to 15 minutes only
can arrive at the office, you know ? "

She -_-"

Me, " I have to wake up at 8:30 am, and by 8:45 am I have to
go out, else I would be late to arrive at office, and that would
resulting all the nice Nasi Lemak sold out liao !! Very sum tong
you know ?? how sum tong ahhhhh !!! "

She -_-" and continued to sob and sob and sob !!!

She, " Jangan lari you !!! "

Me lolrotf !!!!

Hei ! Kelly ! Take good care of yourself and may you always be
happy there yeah ?

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