Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The One About Many Partitions

Now, my desktop computer shows 13 partitions of hard disk
drive containing a lot of files since 1996 until today.

All 4 IDE and 2 SATA are used up and there are totally 5 physical
hard disk in the computer casing, powered by 1GB RAM and a tiny
mini kini Intel Celeron processor -_-"

That is a lot of files in there, really.

Once there was a few files missing, I sent a team of commando to go
in and search for the files, the whole team of commandos also went
missing till today.

I sent another team to rescue the rescue team which went to rescue
the files, the team failed yet again !!!

It's a huge jungle in there and do not mess with me , ok ?

Kommies : "Nerd !! -_-""

You know who has this much of partition back in 1990s ?

Dr. Foo from Kota Bharu , Kelantan.

I am so proud and grateful to Dr Foo , thanks Doc !!

There are also millions of funny story of Dr Foo and my family too!

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