Friday, October 03, 2008

The One About Philips's Day Out

It was 2nd day of Hari Raya Holiday and I was staying at Fat Lady's
Ampang command center before that.

So in the morning I told the team that I am bringing them to a nearby
water falls.

The team ( Fat Lady + 2 brothers ) :" Huh ? Near Ampang got water falls
one meh ? "

I said, " Yes indeed, it has ! "

The team, " Don't make out story ok ? We stayed here 30 years and never
heard that there is water falls near here !! We know you are the KOB in
town man !!"

* KOB = King of Bluffing -_-"

I replied, " Just wait and see ! And get into F 22 right now !!"

The team was still skeptical but did as what I ordered.

A few moments later we arrived at the entrance and WAHLIEW !!!

I have never seen so many cars at this water falls area before ! It was like
endless of cars and people.

In Mandarin, this is called People Mountain People Sea.

Definition of People Mountain People Sea, please see the below photo.....

As many people as mountain and as many people as car indeed eh !!

Fat Lady -_-" :" OH ! Really got water falls here woh ! and look there
is a friend of mine here ! "

Fat Lady's friend, " Eh Fat Lady you also come here because of China
Press report and suggest this place for Picnic ah ? "

Me, " Wtf ? This place was featured by China Press ah ? Habis lah this
time !! "

Basically people were everywhere and OMG !!!

Waterfall In My Imagination WAS like the below :

But the Actual Waterfall On 2nd Oct 2008 looked like this -_-"

But hey, it was holiday and it was indeed a good place to visit, and
I am sure there are a lot of loving and caring people like me who
love to bring their family and love one to a cool place.

Just only this time, too many loving people, too little space at
the waterfall.

Next time, I am going to visit this waterfall during weekdays and
non public holiday.

By the way, I lost about 500 to 800 ml of body fluid in sweat when
climbing up and down and for the past few hours of that. Yay !!

No need to go to gym !!! lolrotf !!

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