Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The One About I Am the IT Director !!

Today I was discussing something with my colleague and mumbled
about that I am the company IT exec, IT manager and IT Director
at the same time.

My colleague took a glance at my table and revert, " Nope !"

Me, " What ? "

Colleague, " You need a few screwdrivers on your desk to really
look like IT manager. "

Me looked looked looked, " you are damn right !!! "

Going to buy a screwdriver tomorrow and decorate my desk
already yeah !!

Anyway, there is 3 x 1GB + 2 x 2GB +4 GB + 160GB worth
of external data storage in the photos.

If you could identify every and each of them, I would give you
a international branded T Shirt, to your house address.

I sumpah !!!

* jogging away.

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