Thursday, March 13, 2008

The One About My Some Nice Toy

Last night was driving from NKVE towards Subang and the
good old F-117 was coughing a little bit on the road.

I looked at the instrument penal and the fuel lever was low
and ( indicator was on for 1 whole day already ) and I had
no choice but to turned in to Subang Jaya Shell petrol station
and made a refuel.

My sister asked, " Eh ! Need a Ferrari or not ?"

Me, " Hmm.. ok let's go and see. What is the entitlement?"

My sister, " RM 40 for 1 car (toy). "

Me," Eh why don't you buy yourself normally ?"

My sister, " My fuel tank 1 full tank RM35.00 only ! "

Me lolrotf !!!

My sister," This is darn unfair to Kancil user ok ? "

Me, " Don't worry, very soon the petrol price would go
up and you would get your wish fullfilled ! "

Anyway, later that night, I saw this nice Ferrari in my
house, got sound one somemore -_-"

Darn, that is the only way I could own a Ferrari anyway!

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