Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The One About You Think I Am Lulu ?

Lulu is a person that we always refer as a person who is
a little bit slow and nerd and could be cheated upon easily.

Like when your sister want to borrow 50 dollar and pay you
back in 3 years time.

You point at her nose and ask, " You think I am Lulu ah ?? "


When your boyfriend say, " I will buy you a diamond ring
in 4 years time, but i want to kiss you first now, can ah ? "

You should point at his nose, and ask,
" You think I am Lulu ah ? "

Anyway, I was in Digital Mall yesterday and was searching for a
DVD writter for my friends lap top.

Went into a shop and asked the guy if he does have.

The guy, " Yeah we do, wait, let me show you. " and showed me
a DVD writter with 2007 warranty sticker.

Me, " How much is this ? "

The guy, " RM 380 .00 "

Me, " What ? RM 380 ? This is normal price or Lulu price ? "

The guy, " Normal price, very cheap already. "

Me, " How about the warranty period ?"

The guy, " 3 months loh !"

Me, " Thanks, but i am not buying this , bye !"

The guy wtf ??

20 minutes later, I got one good DVD writter at Computer War
SS2 installed by a technician called Ah Hawk ( -_-" )

and the cost ? RM 280 with everything included.....

So ? To the guy at Digital Mall.

You Really Think I Am Lulu ah ??

* Run away really fast !!!

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