Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The One About Spicy Chicken Wrap

Just now was doing order for some local fast food, and saw
the new item called Spicy Chicken Wrap.

Hence I pon asked my girl to order one for me.

Another girl came, " Eh Mr Wong, what is this Spicy Chicken
Wrap zhek ? hmmm ? What does it taste like ? "

Me, " I am not sure, never tried before woh. "

Girl, " Mr Wong, how is it made ? Made by what ? What roti
is that wrapping the chicken ? Hot ah ? Spicy ah ? "

Me -_-" " Itu roti ialah roti telor bawang, bungkus itu ayam
tandoori yang pedas ... "

Girl, " knnbbq kai hong !! "

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