Friday, October 26, 2007

The One About Grandmother Stories.

Today in the office, we were talking about why we should not
waste food and stuff like that.

My telesales:" Mr Wong, we should not waste food you know?
last time during war time in 1940s and 1950s, people has no
rice to eat, have to eat grass and eat leaves you know ?"

Telesales:" Very teruk you know ? No rice to eat ! "

Me added: " Yeah you are right ! I agree with you ! Last
time their life really sad and miserable ! "

Telesales:" Yeah Mr Wong !! Yeah !! No rice you know?

Me:" Last time during war, my grandmother and grandfather
they all also has absolutely no rice to eat, so they had to order
Mc Donald delivery, Pizza Hut delivery, very cham hor !!
very expensive cause everday eat Mc D and Pizza Hut !
So they are very sad and miserable..... "

My tele sales -_-"

I added on:" Sometimes the Cokes and Pepsi delivered also
no more cold already, cause road very far away !
So they very sad and miserable !! you know ?? Coke not cold
already !! Aisehman !! "

My telesales 2 legs in the sky and &&^^&@^*(&^!%*&^%&*^$
last time where got Mc Donald ? Where got Pizza Hut ??
&(*#&$^*(&!^%!&^%*&^#$(&)($*%_09 even got also
where got delivery ?? huh huh ?? 7&(!*&@(^#*&$^*(&#$#

I terus lari cepat cepat lolrotf !!!

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