Friday, October 26, 2007

The One About Job Qualitication

Sometimes in a job it doesn't mean that you have to be highly
educated or very skillful or stuff like that.

Sometimes in job it is all about non academic qualification and
aptitude, actually most of the time it is about these 2.

For instance, my brother can't stand seeing blood , hence he
can't really be a good doctor although we wished him to be
one ( cosmetic surgeon, lol to earn the girls monies ). But
nope, he is too phobia seeing red, hence he has to study
something else and forget about the surgeon stuff.

A few weeks ago there was this new cleaner lady for my
office and first day that she came to our office she cleaned
everything in the office and vacumn the floor and everything.

Then there was this toilet that she has to clean, and suddenly
she : " Ammah ... Appahh !!! Eeeeiiiikkkkkkkkkk !!! "

We were like :" What happened ? What happened ??? "

She:" There is a cockroach in the toilet ! Alamamak !!"

Me:" Wait ! Where is the roach ? Where ?"

She:" It went down below the basin already, yeeerrrrr!!!!"

Me: " You are afraid to roach meh ?? "

She with tears in her eyes :" Very afraid !! " and said "
I will stand outside the toilet now, i dare not go in lah !"

and mumbled mumbled about cockroaches...

Me 2 legs in the sky until my shoes also flown across the
office ........

After that day, I didn't see her in the office no more and
last I heard, she went on and became a plastic surgeon
already, perhaps my brother can come help me clean
my office toilet kot ??

Job Qualification, remember ?? Aptitude, remember??

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