Monday, October 01, 2007

The One About 1 Stone and 2 Birds.

Last night Fat Lady was burning midnight oil while I was
reading National Geographic as I have done most of my
work last week, till 4 am one day.

Me:" Don't worry, I will stay up late with you ! "

Fat Lady:" Ok, good, I go take bath now, you don't
sleep har! Must accompany me till I finished my work
ok ??"

Me:" Ok ! Ok ! Go ahead and take bath and you will be
able to stay fresh and can work late ! "

Fat Lady:" You sure har ! Don't sleep har ! "

Me:" Affirmative Madam !! "

Fat Lady closed the room door and I straight away planted
my head in the pillow !! hmmmmmm !! so nice and so cold
and so sleepy !!!

1.2 second later Fat Lady reopened the room and looked at
me and said, " You liar !! You said you will not sleep first ?"

Me:" I wasn't sleeping, i was checking De Temperature of
the pillows and stuff like that ! "

Fat Lady's level of anger shot up very high and she grabbed
the the toilet roll on the desk and thrown it at me ...

My head was still stuck with the pillows and there wasn't
time to react, the toilet roll prompty hit my head "BOING !"
and bounced off and hit the Ridsect bottle not far away.

Everything happened in 0.38 second only !!!

So basically it was like, fhhhheeeewwww ( sound of toilet
roll flying 20 m/s ) towards my head, and BOING ( the sound
of my head hit by the toilet roll ) and another BOING ! (the
sound of bottle of Ridsect hit by the toilet roll ! ) and giling
giling giling ( sound of bottle of ridsect rolling on the floor )
while both of us were stunned by the accuracy demostrated
by Fat Lady -_-".

Darn that was really precise and accurate my friend.

10 seconds later

Both of us finished laughing like hell and she went to take
bath then, while I resume my Pillow Head Probe
Tempereture Check!

2.4 seconds later, Fat Lady reappear and I didn't
bothered to take my head off the pillow.

She aimed another toilet roll at my head and another
direct hit !! BOOOOINNGG !!! again !!

She clapped her hands and walked towards the bath
room downstair feeling very satisfied.

Can someone call the Animal Shelter home and get me in
and I need some gawd darn protection from Domestic
Violence ! Please ?? please ?

Moral of the story :

Toilet Rolls are darn useful !

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