Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The One About A Good Catch !!

You know there is this Bluetooth handsfree kit that works
like a clip with an ear piece with a string ??

This bluetooth is more comfortable compared to the type
that you hang at your ear in my opinion and I have been
using one for the past 6 months, not bad I must say.

Decent battery life and standby time as well.

So yesterday I clipped the unit at my collar and went to
washroom, as I bent a little to flush the toilet and the
bluetooth clip went suicide by letting the clip go " clip!!"
and tried to do free fall into the toilet bowl.

I, being famous of fast catcher and with good reflexes
and also smart and handsome was
having 1 hand pushing the flush button and another hand
holding the jeans......

-_-" tension yeah ?? What would you do ??

In another 0.003 seconds the bluetooth would be in the
toilet bowl and there wasn't enough of time to pull back the
hand from the flush button.

A hem !! I just pull the pant infront and let the bluetooth
fell inside of the jeans, geee, the jeans worked as safety
net yesterday and made her exit at the end of the jeans.

Now why do I call my bluetooth unit a her leh??

Cause she darn like to explore my hairy legs! Thats why!!

Boy I am good !!

1 comment:

Jasonmumbles said...

You mean you that thing that went into your underwear, hairy legs, and maybe you-know-where and then stuck it into your ears?