Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The One About Vista Business and 2GB of RAM

Finally I have started using Windows Vista now, with 2GB of RAM
and a dual core Intel processor.

I must say, it is not too bad at all.

My friends always complaint that I am and was always the person
who :

Still uses windows 95 when all people are using Windows 98 SE.
That is Windows Second Edition. Year 2000 to year 2002.

Still uses Windows 98 SE when all are using Windows XP.
Year 2002 till year 2006.

Finally I started using windows XP in year 2006 or so, but
everyone started using Windows Vista already, why har??

Now with Windows Vista + 2GB of RAM infront of me, I bet
no one is going to complain about my lap top already yeah?

Anyone ?? Hmmm ?? Hmmm ??

You all complain somemore lah !! I start using Windows 3.11
again then you will know who is the BOSS !!!

I am the BOSS but I am not Mr. Cooper, just Cooper.

* Run away !!

1 comment:

Jasonmumbles said...

I have been using Vista and 2GB of RAM for like 7 months? Damn slow lah you.