Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The One About Lala Killer.

I have a lot of cousins and all of them are very close to me
and my family, this one is Jr. Ho.

This Jr.Ho loves Lala ( A type of clam ) in Malaysia and could
easily whack 30 or 40 of these clam per dinner.

And how does he pay respect to the clams that he has ate ?

Simple, arrange them to be come tall tall like tower like that
and counting 1, 2, 3, 4..... 28, 29 etc.

This way he could express his love towards these lala clams
and at the same time do some statistic after dinner.

See how he concentrates and build up his master piece ??

Full concentration, skill, patience, and love towards the Lala is
required to do this stunt. Not easy yeah ??

See how many clams shell that he has ??

But all his effort became wasted once I bang the table hard
using my legs causing the whole table to shake a bit.

And the whole Lala Tower or to be precise Blardy Lala Shell's
Tower would just tumble and everything would be spread on
the table.

lolrotf !! Look at his face !!

Oh by the way, his brother the Jr.Jr. Ho is even more funny,
this Jr. Jr Ho loves to keep all the small little crabs found in the
stomach of these lala ( as the lala last supper or food )
and put them in a piece of paper and bring them home.

What does he do with the small little crabs's body ??
I don't know don't ask me.

Make them small little crabs mummy kot ??

Darn it is good to have some funny little cousin like Aeron and Adrian.

lolrotf !!! They always have new tricks and new formula to make my

Muacks muacks.... and went on and bang table again.

Jr. Ho :" Aiseh !!! The shells tumbles again aiseh !!! " and looked
darn disappointed and clueless about why his Lala tower always
came down when it is at it's highest point.

Me:" What ? what happened ? " and trying so hard not to laugh out
loud while see him reconstruct his Tower of the Lala again.


Sometimes it is bad for health to suppress a good laugh and this is
always one of the case. I think I hurt my lung trying to suppress
the laugh seeing's the tower falling down and the look of Aeron
clueless face lololol ....

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