Thursday, November 01, 2007

The One About The James Bond Car ??

A few days ago I saw the above car near Damansara and I was like
-_-" huh ??

Me:" Wah what car model is this ?? "

My sister: " You don't know meh ? Don't lie ! "

Me:" This seems like the Mitsubishi latest sedan with 2.0 litre
turbo and all time 4 wheel drive with about 280 Hp. There is
this new type spoiler ( below the car type ) and above the back
wind screen type so the wind could move away and keep the
car stablized at the same time. Must be some nice car ! '

My sister:" Could you be less sarcastic or not ? "

Me:" What ?? I thought the 4 black stuff at the left and
right of the car antenna above the car back windscreen are
missiles like the James Bond car, don't know will tembak
us or not ?? "

My sister 2 legs in the sky and shouted:" It's a Waja lah ! "

Me:" Yeah meh ?? Don't lie, it says Mitsubishi ok ??? You think
I don't know anything about cars izzit ?? "

My sister strangled herself with her hair.

Me lolrotf !!! Mitsubishi yeah ?? 2.0 liter yeah ? DOHC yeah??
All time 4 wheel drive yeah ??

* run away....

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