Thursday, November 01, 2007

The One About Mobile Phone Lense Cleansing.

We know that nowadays most of the mobile phones come with built
in digital cameras, with very basic 1 Mega pixel until the last i heard
was 5.5 Mega pixel -_-"

Damn canggih yeah nowadays ??

My Sony Ericsson K510i cost me RM 400 or so when I purchased it at
about 8 or 9 months ago and I am still so in love with it. I will not carry
a RM 1,999 in my pocket and end up like :

  • When walk, have to walk slowly, takut handphone fell out of pocket.
  • When it rains, quickily save the handphone first.
  • Everyday take out the handphone and polish it's surface for 20 times,
    use your breath hor hor hor at the surface and wipe it with tissues.
  • Everynight have to lock the handphone in the locker or safety box
    before go to sleep lolrotf !!
  • When go to toilet, always have to worry that the phone might fell into
    the toilet bowl.

    Yeah ! I am laughing at you, you slaves of mobile phone.

  • I do have a mobile phone cover ( to protect phone ) a few weeks
    ago and one day my phone fell on the floor and everything and every
    parts went different ways....

    I quickily checked the integrity and damage level of the Rm 7.00
    plastic cover.

    My sister see already:" Wtf ?? You checked your plastic cover but
    you don't care about your mobile phone ah ?"

    Me:" Phone is ok, but the protective cover is broken into few pieces
    already, sob sob sob... "

    My sister 2 legs in the sky and shake head slowly.

    Why ???

    Me ? I am the master for my mobile phone, I don't have to worry too
    much about the above issues, just on and off clean up the dusk on the
    surface so that I could see the screen clearly and keep the 1.3 Mega
    pixel lenses clean, that's all.

    It actually matters if your camera lenses is clean, have a look at the
    photo taken by my K510i before cleaning the lenses and after cleaning
    up the lenses.

    This is before the lenses were cleaned :

    And ladies and gentleman, this one below is after I cleaned up
    the lenses a bit using my tea
    ( in the cup at the left side of photo lolol )

    You could tell the image quality is much more better at the lower photo
    compared to the one above, yeah ??

    Key word of the day, " Personal hygiene and Mobile Phone hygiene "

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