Friday, November 02, 2007

The One About Soundtrack.

Have you ever tried to work hard for a few weeks and finally you
know that you have finished all the work and you can relax for the
next few days, and that day happens to be a Friday ?

And try to play the song called " Footloose " by Kenny Loggins.

And you will have a good mood cause your work is done for the time
being, and it's Saturday and Sunday tomorrow. Yeah !!!

Strange, when I was listening to Footloose just now my office
people, and my office Telesales asked me,
" Mr Wong why are you keep on listening to oldies ?? "

Me:" Wtf ? Footloose mana is oldies ? It's a pop song !! "

My tele sales:" Nope , it WAS a pop song !"

Me:" Huh ? "

My tele sales:" What year is now ? "

Me:" Hmmmm... year 2007 loh ! "

My tele sales:" When was Footloose released ?"

Me:" 1984 loh ! "

My tele sales:" Precisely ! A song which is 23 years
old, if you don't call that oldies, what could you call that?"

Me -_-" " You seems to be right, but then those are my
favorites song woh ? "

My tele sales:" I understand, I know, you know why ?"

Me:" Why ? "

My tele sales:" Cause you are old man loh ! That's why"

and she ran away fast fast....

sob.... sob....

Now listening to " Have You Ever Seen The Rain "

Oldies meh ? I think " Lite and Easy " songs would be better right?

By the way, I am not old ok ? I am matured, that's all.

Light cigar and poffffff smokes to your face....

OMFG !! Light cigar somemore !!!

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