Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The One About Don 1

Recently there was talking on the street that there is this new donuts
shop in downtown KL, at some Pavilion Shopping mall, opposite of
Star Hill / J W Marriot Hotel area of Bukit Bintang.

Some said you eat already you would become crazy cause the taste
was too good !

Some said you eat already you would forget about your gf or bf cause
these donuts are way better then your bf or gf.

Some queued 1/2 hour to buy and waited another to pay at the counter.

Some queued for 1 hour plus and found that a lot of flavor has already
sold out and the shop can't produce the donuts fast enough.

Some said you eat these donuts already you will become Superman or

Some said you eat these donuts already you will suffer amnesia cause it
tasted so good etc.

Moi ? Moi follow the evidence and let the evidence speak for themselves!

Hence one day, moi lighted my cigars and gave Jason a call.

Moi : " Hi Jason, this is A J here ! " and puffed some smokes
to the phone, and the smoke traveled and came out at the
other side.

Jason coughed * barfed * ahemed * coughed and cleared his
throat and .....

Jason : " Hi Mr. Cooper ! how are you doing ? "

Moi : " Just Cooper will do ! "

Jason : " Ok Cooooooooooooper ! How may I help you ? "

Moi : " I heard that there is a new Donuts shop in town yeah ?"

Jason :" Yes mr. errr... Cooper ! "

Moi : " Can help me to get some when you are free ? "

Jason :" Affirmative sir ! "

Moi :" Good ! Give me 2 dozons of those, stirred not shaken ok ??"
and pufffed more smokes towards the phone.

Jason :" Apla you ! Kepala otak engkau stirred shaken lah !"

Moi ran away fast fast....

That was how I asked Jason to help me to buy some cause I
heard that he was going to Pavilion and I was too phobia to
get to those place.

In my country, people always say, " Tumpang the people who
go to supermarket to buy your groceries
! "
kih kih kih kih kih !!

That was the story, now leave me alone while I go and recall
and reimagine the taste of the donuts.

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