Thursday, November 01, 2007

The One About Late Night In Office.

Yesterday night we were in the office working till about 3 am before
we sent off all the reports back to main office off shore and I reached
home at about 3 am plus...

The traffic was clear and it was drizzling all the way home with some
occasional lighting far way in the sky.

It's fun to drive on Jalan Damansara at 3 am in the morning cause
the traffic would always be "VERY TEH SMOOTH" lolrotf !!

This is is one of many time that I had to stay late in the office and
rushed reports for the current company, but boy the differences of
working alone in the night vs working in a group till 3 am is different.

When you rush report alone in the office, you feel darn disappointed
and hopeless and like want to look for a new job.

When you rush report with a bunch of other staff in office, you still
feel darn disappointed, hopeless and perhaps still feel like want to
look for a new job, but at least the time goes by faster and there is
someone there to talk to you and help you, at least things feel
better, a little bit.

But darn the eyes are very tired now, got to sleep early tonight.

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